Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More boring progress

My wife read my blog the other day. Needless to say, she thinks I'm more dull than she did before ;)

Anyway, yesterday was a state holiday to celebrate pioneers that first came to Utah . So I got the day off of work and spent the day at home (not really anything pioneer related at home, but it was hot outside). I spent most of the morning doing some more work in kdeeducore library on kvtml 2. The rest of the day was spent playing video games, and watching a movie with my brother.

As far as kvtml 2 goes, now the reader is almost done, except for a couple crucial parts I'd like to ask Frederik about before I proceed, and the writer has progressed to the point that I can convert old format kanagram and khangman files to the new format. I've realized that kanagram has been missing me lately, as my todo is getting longer instead of shorter there. Well that's enough rambling for one post I think.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Kvtml Progress

Well, another couple weeks have passed, but hopefully this will be more frequent as I am doing more now and thus have more to write about.

First of all, thanks to Frederik Gladhorn and Peter Hedlund, we have a good design for the next version of xml to store vocabularies in (kvtml version 2). I've spent a good part of my evenings this week working on the reader for it, and only have a couple hangups so far that I'll need to ask help understanding what they are supposed to do. I hope to start the reader tomorrow and get it to the point that it can write the basic tags that are in kanagram and khangman's data files (information, entries, and identifiers). When I get that far I'll make a small test app that reads kvtml files, and writes kvtml v2 files for testing, and for scripting the conversion of all of kanagram's data files to the new format. Yes, the old format is still supported, but writing will hopefully all be done using the new format, assuming all goes well with the writer ;)

In other news, I think I met 5 or 6 kde people from Germany this week. I even was able to convince one "Saro Engels" to translate kanagram's data files into german for us. I also added credits to the translators I know about in kanagram's about info (Pino Toscano for Italian, Kris Thomsen for Danish, and now Saro for German.) If anyone knows who did the ca, es, or gl translations, please let me know (As if anyone reads my blog anyway...)

Until next time...

Monday, July 2, 2007

Week Off

It's been too long since I posted, but now I have a week of vacation starting tomorrow with my birthday. Yay. But seriously, I always tell people to congratulate my mom, since I didn't have to do much to be born. :)

Anyway, I plan to spend the week with my daughters, wife, and mornings with kde if possible. Who am I kidding, I can't sleep in even if I try, so I might as well make use of the time. Hopefully I can work out a couple more bugs/tweaks to kanagram, and get kvtml2reader writer going. If I get that far, I'd also like to design a kvtml editor for libkdeedu that all of us can use (khangman, kanagram, kwordquiz, etc.) from within our apps. My main motivation for doing this is that kanagram's vocabulary editor is very lacking in features currently.

I think once all that's done I need to hunker down and either get some stuff done in CPrgmSwr2's kollagame, or look into what it would take to get chinese into kiten. There, now that I've posted it I actually have to remember/do them. :D