Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paris, KNS, other ramblings

Paris was great! I know I've been home for almost a week now, but it's been a busy one, so now I have a chance to share the few things others didn't mention. (I almost blogged about paris a few times, but then read someone elses blog about it and realized they'd said everything I would have ;-).

Meeting everyone was awesome, working together in one room even more so. It was the first time I'd met anyone from KDE in person, and the community could definitely be felt, even among our small number of 14 edu people. Step was presented by Vladimir and was/is awesome. I hacked on kns mostly and plasma background slideshow mode a bit.

Back home now yesterday was able to get searching working in the kns download dialog, and today with Frederik's prodding and discussion we got kns useable for okular which has 3 providers right now and previously there was no way to choose which one you wanted to look at/download from. In order to do this and not make the ui completely confusing, we put all feeds from each provider together, so currently background wallpaper kns doesn't differentiate between Highest Rated, Most Downloads, and latest uploaded feeds, all 3 are put together and called Maybe at some point we'll be able to ask for the whole lot of wallpapers and show them a page at a time or something...

I think next major thing to fix/make sure it's working is caching so you wont have to re-download all the entries descriptions that you downloaded last time already.