Friday, April 22, 2011

Kontact with google calendar

Hey all, with the help of some friendly folks in #kontact I was able to get mail/calendar set up and working in kontact today. I previously had some bad settings in akonadi from my last attempt a few months (maybe a year?) back. and clearing .config/akonadi helped alleviate that problem.

Since I've been using an android phone lately much of my calendar and mail stuff is on google services, so naturally I wanted to sync my calendar, contacts, and mail with google. Fortunately this is all possible, unfortunately it's not all that clear how to set it up. So here's a quick walkthrough for future reference.

Lets look at the tricky one, calendars. To add a google calendar to your korganizer you just need the caldav address which you can get from the calendar's settings like this.

Then you'll need the google calendar url to plug your calendar's address into which can be found in the help section, here for convenience:

Then you can open korganizer (or kontact) and right click the calendar manager and choose Add Calendar. It will give you a list of resources like this:

Since google calendars support CalDav choose the Dav groupware resource. Here's where the ui could use some update and/or simplification. The next thing you will see is a list of calendar providers, of which google is not a part like this:

The trick (thanks Leo) here is to click cancel since google is not on the list. Strangely (most cancel buttons close instead of continuing) this continues to a dialog to let you add your calendar by url that looks like this:

You can finally put in your url (combine the google calendar url with your calendar's address) and enter your username ( and hit the fetch button. After entering your username again (not sure why it doesn't take the one you already set) and password you are able to choose your calendar and add it to korganizer.

Anyone that votes we simplify this process raise your hand :) o/

Sunday, April 3, 2011

School's out

KDE-Edu is out of subversion and now in git. Take a look. And not a moment too soon. This coming week there will be a KDE Edu sprint in Bilbao Spain. What better place to learn how to use git than a sprint with peers eh?  Anyway this message is brought to you by the hard work of Ian Monroe and Nicolas Alvarez who worked very hard to get the conversion rules set up. (And fixed a few bugs in svn2git in the process).