Tuesday, November 20, 2007

好久没有寫 (haven't written in a while)

It's been a while, so I appologize in advance for the long post. I've tried to include screenshots to keep you interested ;-)
Edit: for some reason everytime I try to add an image to blogspot it replaces my whole post entry with the image tag. I'll post the images in another entry if you want to see what I describe.

We fixed KNewStuff2 a bit, enough so that it works ok for kanagram, khangman, klettres, etc. (I think it still needs some love, but it's functional at least). I guess this means I need to get kanagram l10n-kde4 translations of data files packaged and ready for kanagram to be able to download them. I should probably also convert the translated files to kvtml 1 format and pack them up for kde3 kanagram users to grab (had a request for the spanish ones already via e-mail).

Then I realized I hadn't tried kttsd in kde4 yet (I'm not blind yet, but use kttsd to listen to irc while working so I can chime in on any interesting conversations). Oliver Goffart (Gof) was able to get kttsd stuff into knotify right away when we noticed it was not going to quite work in the state it was in. It was ported to kde4 a number of times incrementally as kdelibs changed, but the last time was a while ago. Now it's functional, but has some audio issues (maybe Phonon related?)

Also noticed on the krush techbase page, someone mentioned an issue with kmouth, so I tried it and found something else interesting. In the startup wizard there's a page with a KLanguageButton and a QLabel "&Language", but for some reason when you try to set the languagebutton as the buddy of the label, Qt designer doesn't do it. Neither does QLabel::setBuddy(languageButton) work in code, not sure why this is, but most of the items in kde "Buttons" category in the designer don't work as buddies for some reason. Anyone with inside knowledge or that wants to figure this bug/issue out is welcome to it. I couldn't find any attribute on klanguage button or any others that might be the culprit, but I only looked for a bit.

Then moved on to look at all the great things going on in Plasma. Kudos to all those that built such a nice framework, and it's only going to get better from what I hear. I tried to fix some xinerama issues in it last week, but didn't get too far, was able to get background image configuring ui into place (though the static image one is temporary until Ruphy gets api for packages done, etc.)

Tonight Mwoehlke came back around and was able to fill in some of the effects slots in the colors kcm code, and explain what needed doing for the rest. It's functional now, but still needs some minor fixes like loading and saving of effects with the color scheme files, etc. I think now that that's working some of us (especially myself) can finally understand what kcolorscheme actually can do. Oh and apply color scheme to non kde4 apps should work now also.

Playing with kde4 is so much more enjoyable thanks to all the great work put in recently on krush days and bug fixing in general. This really is an exciting time for us to all band together and fix bugs in preparation for release.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Busy week and day

Well, this week flew by. I always had something interesting to work on at work, and it changed throughout the week which is nice. Today was good also, because while at work kde4-krushing got started and kanagram came up so I got a few bugs to fix. I love bug-hunting/fixing sessions because I get to see direct interaction in the community on a larger scale than normal. It just amazes me how we can all work together and help each other to make our hopes a reality. Anyway, hopefully this weekend will proceed to be nice and allow us some nice krushing (I should get some hacking time as Stephanie has to work saturday and sunday).