Monday, September 24, 2007

Surviving BIC monday, etc.

Well, BIC monday was tricky, but we survived it thanks to lots of cooperation in #kde4-devel, good work everyone. Work was hectic as most mondays when the boss just got back from a business trip are, but somehow I was also able to get mbrola going on my machine (Yes, I'm one of those weird people that hooks konversation and kopete up to kttsd so I can hear messages on my headphones.)

I was also thinking yesterday, that maybe some of you might skip over my posts because of lack of picture, so I included a picture of kpicross scaled with white-on-grey kde4 color scheme made possible by the new colors kcm (sorry, that was a blatant boast, but probably not a good one, as white on grey is horrid).


liquidat said...

Would be nice to see a screenshot of the actual kcm module. Or is the GUI still the same?

JPWhiting said...


Sorry, I forget not everyone builds svn every day :) I'll post a screenshot of the colors kcm when its complete.

Leo S said...

Cool. I've been using a light on dark colour scheme for a while now to be easier on my eyes, and some apps just don't like to adapt their content to the colours (or do so badly) which causes some problems. This looks very nice!