Friday, February 15, 2008

Picross fans, I have not forgotten you

Thismorning while waiting for my ride to work, I spent a couple minutes on kpicross making the create window show up so I could see it. It runs... sort of... anyway, shouldn't be hard to fix it and get it workable so we can all start creating our own picross puzzles for each other ;) Next step will be to hook up KHotNewStuff to it so we can share them :) Then make importing from png files maybe. Anyway, I think it'll be a fun little game for those that like puzzles. So don't despair, it will get some love soon.

Speaking of khotnewstuff, the downloaddialog is working a bit better and I'll be finishing up the goya stuff soon, so when that moves into kdeui (after the required two weeks in kdereview) we'll be ready to check in.

1 comment:

Javier said...

Picross rules. Glad to see a KDE picross game is coming!