Tuesday, March 18, 2008

goya, goya goya

hello again, I've been playing with the next iteration of goya (I call it goya2, but Rafael probably has a better name). I also spoke with Celeste about a usability issue (system-wide install ui) which led to discussion about other usability issues in the KHotNewStuff download dialog (context-menu type actions in the drop down of the install button). I think the current plan is to separate the actions into three toolbuttons (Install/uninstall, info, and collaboration). We'll see if this makes sense or not in the ui.

I also got some artistic feedback from my current ui (not checked in) from Eugene and reacted to most of his suggestions in this screenshot.

Note that I'm using alternating row colors (white peach incidentally, is one of two in svn color schemes that actually has a different alternating row color), the black lines around the items have become the window color instead, and the install buttons are vertically aligned with the image previews on the left (which will have a frame and shadow soon).

Also note that since I'm setting a fixed width to the qtoolbuttons, goya doesn't render the whole button for some reason, Rafael will probably have a fix for this faster than I could write to tell him about it (he's been making leaps and bounds with goya lately).

Also note that if the summary of an item doesn't fit in the two lines I allow, the tooltip for that item will show the whole summary (in 4.0 the summary would often make the horizontal range of the items verrry long)

Anyway, suggestions, tips, questions?

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Leo S said...

The new UI looks nice!

Kinda offtopic... I've noticed in the plugin selection for kwin, the plugin list repaints a lot. It repaints the whole view on every mouse move, which makes it not so fast if your graphics drivers suck (4.0.1 was the last time I checked).