Saturday, September 26, 2009

KNewStuff2 Future

Time again to think about the future. This morning in #ghns on freenode we had a meeting about KNewStuff2 and ghns (Get Hot New Stuff) in general. There are a lot of cool things coming our way with Open Desktop ( and it's use in Plasma (OCS Widget) and KNewStuff2. Before the meeting I wrote down a plan for making KNewStuff2 better prepared for these coming changes and documented it here: KNewStuff2Plan and will be working to achieve that end for KDE 4.4. Frederik will be working on the RESTProvider which will provide better access to the functionality on etc. sites. I'll be revamping a bunch of the KNewStuff2 library to make this easier and better also. Plus documenting my promise to do so here gives me more motivation/pressure to actually get it done =)

Want a taste of what's to come? How about the ability to rate/comment on a wallpaper from the KNewStuff2 dialog itself (something I promised back at the 4.0 release event but never got in ;) . How about the ability to see multiple pages of "latest uploaded" and "highest rated"? How about the ability to see all color schemes uploaded by that master color schemer Joe Colormakerman? I'm hoping we can get there and much further in the not so distant future. Anyone with me? =)


Bugs Bane said...

Multiple pages? Feedback from the app? *That's* what I'm talking about.

Larger thumbnails for things like the wallpaper downloads would also go a looooooooong way.

CryoGenFX said...

yeah, rating, comments and all that is nice, but more like a bonus.
but being able to click a tiny thumbnail, and actually seeing what the images looks like before i download it is crucial.

ghns is awesome though, thanks for improving it further. cookie for you.