Sunday, October 4, 2009

ghns meeting

Yesterday morning we had another meeting in #ghns on freenode. It went very well, there was a much better turn out than last week, and since we had been hacking on things this week a lot more thought was brought into it I think. The plan on techbase got some ui features added to it based on feedback from users, and some developers. Josef was at the meeting and will be adding some things to HotStuff (the implementation of dxs running on to support paging which will be good. Especially since Eugene and some others thought of a way to do paging that's transparent to the user. We'll load two pages of data, show it in the list, and when the user scrolls to the second page of data, we'll load the third page and so on. Hope that will turn out feeling natural and cool =) We've also decided to leave the filter box in for local filtering (but rename it to Filter) and make server-side search available via a search button. Some complaints about the current method of "sorting" were raised also, since it doesn't really sort anything, just grabs 3 different feeds from the server (highest rated, latest, and most downloads). I'm thinking of making those tabs, but that's not optimal either. If anyone has a good idea how to represent that with the ui we have, that would be cool. Anyway, all in all it was a great meeting, and though there's lots more to do, we are all optimistic.

Hopefully in the next couple days I'll have some real stuff to show, so stay tuned.

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