Monday, May 24, 2010

Multimedia/Edu Sprint day -1

I can't remember which day it is today besides that it's Monday. Tomorrow morning very early I'll hop on a train with Percy from Peru and George and go to Zurich, then fly home in our different directions from there. I believe a lot was done in this sprint. I have a longer todo list than I did before, that's for sure. I'll also be blogging more hopefully about the things I do going forward.

One thing I did last week but didn't blog about was to move the workspace tab from the application style area of system-settings down into desktop style area instead. I as many others I've heard were confused when we opened the desktop theme details settings and couldn't set the global plasma theme from in there. I combined that one with the existing workspace tab of the other kcm and call the combination desktop style. I hope this will be more usable and discoverable.

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