Saturday, October 18, 2014

Upcoming KDE Applications 14.12 release prep


In preparing for the upcoming releases of KDE Applications 14.12 (2014 Month 12) I realized the other day that we have an interesting situation.  For Qt4 based applications there's libkdeedu which contains the kvtml parsing and manipulating code and also a handful of .kvtml files that KAnagram and KHangMan use to get their word lists. KAnagram has been ported to Qt5 and KDE Frameworks for some time now, and will have it's first Qt 5 based release at the end of this year. It uses libkeduvocdocument which was ported to Qt 5 also at about the same time this year. libkeduvocdocument uses Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5, and also ships the same handful of kvtml files that libkdeedu ships. (libkdeedu has been split for the Qt 5 based releases) KHangMan hasn't yet been ported to frameworks and Qt5 or at least the port isn't stable yet, so it will depend on libkdeedu still, as will KWordQuiz and Parley from what I understand. So we have two libraries that ship the same files, makes them not coinstallable. So we'll be moving the kvtml files out of the libraries and into kdeedu-data soonish to solve this problem. The moral of this story is to look around, see what will be released using Qt5 in the upcoming release, and what will be using Qt4 still. may help also. If you maintain an application and haven't put your application on that page under the Qt4 or Qt5 tables yet, please do, the more we coordinate, the better this release will be.

Thanks, and keep up the good work all.


Dave said...

What's the difference between parley and kwordquiz?

They both look to do the same thing.

Hieronymus Bosch said...

there is one catch with this approach , ${DATA_INSTALL_DIR} is not translated to same location with e-c-m, and with KDE4Defaults (i.e. with e-c-m, it'll get installed to $share/, and with kdelibs4, to $share/(kde4/)apps, depending on the distro

Jeremy Whiting said...


Parley is a bit more advanced in what it offers for quizzing yourself I believe. But they are very similar. Discussion has been had over the years of either discontinuing one or the other or merging them.

Jeremy Whiting said...

Heironymus Bosch,

Yeah, I saw something similar on fedora today. I believe that can be handled by setting XDG_DATA_DIRS just fine in the case of Qt5 based applications using QStandardPaths, and should be doable by setting KDEDIRS on kdelibs4 based applications.