Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Gardening Recipes

You thought this would have something to do with working outside and/or cooking something. You were wrong.

As Albert blogged previously the KDE gardening team's love project this time is KRecipes.
The mailing list has been moved.
The website content has been added to userbase.
The 2.0 release is on, soon to be moved into place (a new place since hasn't done a krecipes release before).

Anyone that would like a relatively small way to quickly help KRecipes out it could use some patches on reviewboard (group added, sending to the new mailing list already) to port away from Qt3support classes. Some other ideas off the top of my head also:

1. Make it use kunitconversion to convert metric units to imperial units for those of us stuck in countries that use imperial measuring systems.
2. Freshen up the ui a bit so it looks less like a database viewer and more like a recipe viewer/editor.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

First, THANKS! for improving Krecipes.

I like the feel of it over gourmet and have been using it on Ubuntu 14.04 and just updated to Krecipes V2.1.0. which install easy with the instructions on the web site.

When I figure out how to report bugs I will submit one that Unit will not do pulldown and show you all the choices otherwise all else working great.

Thans, Bill